If your patient is experiencing any of these signs/symptoms, please make a patient referral:

  • Losing language or other social milestones, usually between the ages of 15 and 24 months
  • Very sensitive or not sensitive at all to smells, sounds, lights, textures, and touch
  • Very unclear speech
  • Unable to work simple toys (such as peg boards, simple puzzles)
  • Doesn’t understand simple instructions
  • Doesn’t play pretend or make-believe
  • Doesn’t want to play with other children or with toys
  • Doesn’t make eye contact
  • Loses skills he once had

Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for a thorough milestone checklist by age.

schedule a visit

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ready to refer?

Call our office at (616) 667-9551 and fax referrals to (616) 667-9552. We’ll review the child’s history including any prior evaluations and treatments – and help you decide whether an evaluation is appropriate.