***UPDATED March, 23, 2020***

The clinic will be closed through April 13 in accordance with the governor’s “shelter-in-place” mandate. 

This date may have to be extended and you will be updated as this decision is made. During these unfamiliar times, one thing has become very certain. The staff at the Center for Childhood Development is dedicated to their jobs and the continuation of care for the many children and families that we serve. We have worked diligently this week to explore virtual ways to continue your child’s care and are ready to offer that. Early next week, you will receive an email from your therapist(s). It will ask if you are interested in continuing with this option. We have already trialed some children and have been surprised by how well it has worked. One kid yesterday kept saying “this is my therapy friend!”  It was great to see him, even if remotely so.  We have gotten to meet family pets, see kid’s bedrooms, and meet their siblings. Many of the kids have already asked us to come to their house, and now we are (virtually) able to.

The Telehealth program that we have trialed goes through our phone system and is HIPAA compliant. It will be video formatted on your computer. The therapists have been doing lots of preparation to get therapy sessions ready for each of the kids. We have been doing continuing education from home and are excited to start implementing some of what we have recently learned.

We have an exciting free webinar coming out next week for parents, so stay tuned for that. This webinar will include ideas on how to stay calm and regulated during this time of social distancing and may even have an appearance from myself at the end. One thing that is vitally important is that we all stay in touch and connected during these times. We can all tell you that we miss the kids and look forward to the day when we can be together again.

Let us know if you have any wishes during this time. We could do parent informational chats on-line, do a book group, weekly informational tidbits. The options are endless.  We will be in touch soon.


Molly Buist and the staff of CCD